Andrew Pak

Andrew Pak

Police Officer


Constable Andrew Pak was born and raised in Toronto and has been a member of the Toronto Police force for 15 long and hard years!
The journey for Andrew is quite relatable for many of the Youth in Toronto. Growing up he had to work hard for everything that he had. Andrew was not the best student but was always respectful to those around him and had a desire to help others. The spark to his career happened while he was in Elementary school and volunteered as a School Bus Safety Patroller. The students involved were trained for the position by local Police Officers and after his training Andrew was left in awe and knew that he wanted to become a Police Officer from that point forward.

Unfortunately, Andrew was not successful on his initial attempts when applying to the Police Academy. Surprisingly failing his physical assessment several times. This was a difficult time in his life as he began to second guess a future in Policing. Luckily, he did not let his failures change his mind and instead used it as motivation to work harder in the gym and improve his dieting. Subsequently, he was successful and his 15 year career with the Toronto Police continues to be a reminder of the saying ‘hard work pays off’.

Andrew has been dedicated to improving Police and community relationships by actively taking part in and organizing numerous community events. Everything from High School Talent Shows to Student vs. Staff basketball games. Providing an opportunity for the Youth to engage in positive activities with the officers in a safe place. His passion for mentorship and guidance has led him to create opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. 0rganizing annual trips to the Police College where students have the opportunity to take part in all of the physical testing that he initially failed during his application process. He hopes that these real world experiences help to better prepare the Youth in their future.  

Andrew has worked in many departments throughout his career including; Primary Response Unit, Drug Squad, Major Crime Unit, Community Response Unit and is currently attached to the Intelligence Services. He is a product of positive mentorship and truly believes that having a caring adult available for support is crucial to the success of our Youth.

Words of Wisdom:

"Work hard, maintain physical fitness and give back!" - A. Pak

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