Brandesha Sinclair

Brandesha Sinclair

Career Specialist & Content Creator

Born and raised in Toronto as a first generation Canadian to Jamaican parents Brandesha is making her mark in the Career Counselling industry. She can recall being fascinated by the labour market as early as 14 years old when she also gained employment for the first time. Unfortunately, she did not have the best career or post-secondary guidance at school so she did most of her research on her own and funny enough, she actually loved doing it.

She went on to Humber College where she earned a Social Service Worker Diploma followed by a University Degree in Family & Community Social Services. This was her way to strategically use her educational background to combine her interests in career development, education, media and technology. She gained valuable experience through co-op placements, summer jobs and her on-going desire to research various employment opportunities.

After graduating Brandesha was slightly discouraged as she was unable to find relevant or fulfilling employment but something told her to keep pushing and to remain positive. She later found a job in the Employment Recruitment field and has not looked back since.  She is responsible for conducting intake meeting with job seekers, identifying their skills, interests and needs as well as working with them to overcome the challenges that are limiting their employment opportunities. Providing one-on-one coaching to clients assisting with resume building and mock interviews, ensuring they are ‘job ready’. While establishing herself and maintaining her 9 to 5 in employment services, she wanted more space to express her creativity without boundaries and with that ‘The Working Millennial’ was born. The Working Millennial is a platform created by Brandesha to help young adults on their journey from school to the world of work and financial literacy. She posts very helpful articles and information about upcoming training workshops and employment opportunities for the working millennials.

Her advice to the youth is to remember not to rush the process. ‘You can be anything you want but take your time to know who you are and what you are passionate about. This itself is a process but once you have that down, everything else falls into place’. This was true for her story and she is confident that the same is possible for you.

Words of Wisdom:

“Your situation does not define who you are. You do.” 

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