Francis Atta

Francis Atta

Author & Community Activist

Francis Atta was born and raised in the mean streets of Jane and Finch located in the west end of Toronto. His life was plagued with many challenges - from peer pressure to gangs, poor grades to poverty - which continued to push him down a negative path. Despite his cool and collected demeanour, on the inside he felt frustrated, unhappy and searching for purpose and fulfillment. The turning point of his life, which is documented in his motivational autobiography titled "The Flip" was the influence of the mentors in his life. 

Today - his life's work has been dedicated to the Youth in our community struggling to find their way. In 2015 Francis was selected as a Torchbearer for the Pan Am Games hosted in Toronto. He is the recipient of over 20 prestigious Canadian Awards including; Canada's Immigrant of the Year, the 2013 Young Black and Gifted Award and the 2014 Ghanian Community Service Award. 

He is also a member of the Influential Team Board of Directors and his dedication to helping the city's most vulnerable Youth has been acknowledged by City Council leaders and Members of Government. 

Words of Wisdom:

"Just because they got to the top quicker doesn't mean they'll be there longer" - Unknown



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