Jackie Laine

Jackie Laine

Photographer & Entrepreneur

Passionate about her work and mental wellness, Jackie is living her best life.

Born and raised in Vaughan, she always had an interest in visual arts. After high school, Jackie wanted to apply to University for an Art program. Due to financial restraints her family was facing, and the fact that her parents did not agree on her completing an education in the arts, she enrolled at York University for an Undecided Liberal Arts program. After a year of trying different courses, she chose to major in Geography. 3 years into her Geography program, she decided to step away. One year later, against her parents’ wishes, she applied for the Independent Digital Photography Program at Seneca. She was accepted and graduated from the 2 year program with honours! It was the most fun and most dedicated Jackie had been in her life.

Today Jackie has turned her passion into reality. Her biggest achievement was the opening of her own photography studio she shares with her business partner Lily, called Lane & Ave. The passion they share for photography is evident in every picture they take. She is responsible for client consulting, marketing, curating social media content, client acquisition, photography, post-production editing and accountable for the business’s finances

As a photographer, she loves capturing and sharing moments with her clients. She loves that no two days are alike. There is always an opportunity for creative problem solving and it continually pushes her out of her comfort zone. Through Jackie’s talent of photography, she feels connected to her grandfather. He was an underwater photographer who would even build his own waterproof casings for his cameras.

Jackie has also started a passion project called Speak Your Kind. After sharing her own personal mental health story with others she found so many people could relate and were having negative conversations with themselves about themselves. She photographs hands in peace signs in a collective as a way to establish a community of kinder minds.

As any successful and hardworking entrepreneur, Jackie faced her own hurdles. She was commuting between school, two jobs and trying to keep up with her schoolwork. It was difficult not having the support of her parents in choosing photography as a career. She finally faced her biggest decision: quitting her full-time job to pursue her own photography studio and business. And it paid off!

Some advice she would like to share with Youth is to feel the fear and do it anyways! It is time to make choices that are going to make you happy as opposed to pleasing others. Make mistakes and learn from them! Listen to your intuition! This is your life!

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