Jenna Kouri

Jenna Kouri


Jenna Kouri (aka JennaCake) is a food scientist, chef, baker and foodie who has had a passion for baking since the age of 15. Her baking inspiration began with obsessive watching of Anna Olson's "Sugar" on the Food Network.

Inspired to create, Jenna began baking cakes and cookies for her friends and family for every occasion possible, finding any excuse to bake. In high school, she started working at a grocery store bakery as a cake decorator. Her passion for baking became increasingly clear to others - she was even voted "most likely to open a bakery" in her high school graduating class.

Jenna continued to practice her passion for baking while studying Food & Nutrition at the University of Western Ontario - this is where she adopted the nickname "JennaCake" for baking so many cakes for her friends!

Fast forward to now - hundreds of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and "you should start a cake business" comments later, JennaCake Bake Shop was born! After extensive baking in her home kitchen, Jenna finally moved to a commercial kitchen space to share her passion and talent for baking to an even wider audience.

Although all sweet, if Jenna could go back to high school today she would do more research on career options in the science field. It took her a long time to get into the field she is working in now which she loves so much. If she knew that the food science field existed, she would have pursued it sooner.

Her advice to youth looking to follow a similar career path is to be open to learning new things every day. Express your passion and interest and take initiative in your own life. Do food science experiments at home! Hands-on learning goes a long way.

Today, Jenna can always be found in the kitchen baking up new creations and enjoying every minute of it!