Kat Andrikopoulos

Kat Andrikopoulos

Digital Marketer

Kat is a Toronto based digital performance media star at a top Canadian luxury retailer.  She loves connecting with people, learning new things, educating others and she has always had a passion for advertising and marketing. She is highly regarded within the industry and as a result, she has been called upon on numerous occasions to share her knowledge on a number of panels including the Bing Retail Summit, Spark sessions, Ryerson University and at the See Girl work event just to name a few.

Kat is a graduate from Western University in London, Ontario where she studied Media and Public Interest. She was able to gain some very valuable experience early, having interned in a Public Relations role throughout high school and university. Gaining valuable mentorship, learning how to work with others and communicate effectively.

While climbing the ranks in the marketing and advertisement industry Kat has had her fair share of obstacles thrown her way. Mostly, she learned to stand up for herself and her team. At times, people can be intimidating but you have to be confident in your capabilities.

Today, her role includes coming up with media strategies, agency management, media optimization and educating her team members on everything new and digital. Kat is also a co-founder of the ‘Memory Ball’, which is aimed to make a difference in the Alzheimer’s community by increasing public awareness about the disease while generating funds to support the work being done at the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.  To date the Memory Ball has raised over $400,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto! Kat has also co-founded another Non-Profit Organization called ‘Filling the Gap’ which helps empower women in the workplace.

Kat is extremely influential and her impact within the city has been outstanding. Her advice to the youth is to ‘always do your research, work hard and be kind’.

Words of Wisdom:

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