Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson

Founder of SweatCity & Adidas Ambassador

Laura Davidson was born in Toronto and raised in a small town called Shanty Bay, which is about an hour and a half north of Toronto. She started to build her career in fitness by starting a personal fitness blog as a way to hold herself accountable to her goals. Her intentions for her blog are to motivate and inspire others to take the steps they need to make a positive change in their lives.

She studied at Dalhousie University where she earned a Bachelor of Management Degree. She put her educational background to great use when she landed an opportunity to work with one of Canada’s top venture capital investors and star of TV show the Dragons Den Kevin O’Leary.

Laura did not stop there, her desire to help others stayed at the forefront of her mission and she launched her own mobile app start up called SweatCity. SweatCity is a fitness concierge service in the palm of your hands where users are able to explore healthy hotspots nearby, connect with experts to help elevate your health and match locals looking for their perfect workout buddy. “Everything you need to live your best life and find out how you can really sweat in your city”.

Her days are jam packed with healthy activities and useful health/lifestyle tips and her loyal following has even captured the attention of Adidas who has sponsored her as an official brand ambassador.  

She has been acknowledged by numerous media outlets for her contributions to the city and her successes as an entrepreneur. Laura is not afraid to share her story and wants to encourage others to not be afraid of breaking away from the traditional expectations of the world. When she began her journey to start SweatCity, she did not know much about technology or apps but she worked hard and brought her ideas to reality.

She has and continues to face adversity but the one thing that keeps her motivated and confident is remembering her “why”. Knowing why she started and her overarching goals are extremely important to her.

Words of Wisdom:

"You lose your way when you lose your why. Always remember why you started."