Lindsey Middleton

Lindsey Middleton


In the tiny town of Ridgeway, Ontario near Niagara Falls, Lindsey Middleton was a budding actress waiting to be discovered. She could not imagine living a life without doing something she absolutely loved, so she completed her Specialist Program in Theatre and Drama Studies at University of Toronto and Sheridan College and began to follow her dream.

For Lindsey, every day is a new adventure. As an actor, she is always "hustling"; always searching for the next opportunity while still training her craft and trying to find other work to support herself. It is a busy and unpredictable lifestyle but she loves it! At the end of the day, she is her own boss and every day is a workday!

Aside from being a brilliant Scrabble player, Lindsey has earned some amazing accomplishments. She has been internationally honoured for her work in the show Out With Dad where she plays a bi-sexual teen coming to terms with her sexuality. She also created her own show called HappyHer where she travels all over the world with her best friend asking women what makes them happy. She has met so many incredible women and visited multiple organizations focused on working with women and their local communities.

Lindsey knows that there are always negative people that make it difficult to succeed but to them, she just says "no thank you, and goodbye" and lives her best life as positively as she can.

Some advice she would like to share with the youth is to have fun. And remember you are enough!

Words of Wisdom:

"Stay hungry and stay foolish" - Unknown

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