Maritza Lopez

Maritza Lopez

Dental Hygienist & Photographer


Born and raised in Toronto, and currently living in British Colombia, Maritza always had a calling to help others, which stemmed her career choice in the healthcare field. After completing high school coop, she enrolled in a private college that specializes in Dental Hygienist studies.  Years later, she went back to school and enrolled in a photography program at Seneca College. She now owns her own photography business, where her photos were even featured in Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.

Maritza is extremely hardworking but makes time for the things she loves doing. During the week, she works as a Dental Hygienist. On weekends she can be seen carrying out her passion of photography. And yet still manages to squeeze in some time to blog on her lifestyle/travel blog called “Aspire to Inspire”.

But it wasn’t always easy for her. She questioned what she was meant to be doing, but she always returned to her faith and her beliefs. She always viewed her obstacles as a good way to see how strong she was. During her hygiene studies, she failed one of her licensing exams and thought about quitting the program all together. She looked back on how much she had accomplished so far and pushed herself to keep going. She tried her best and put in great effort and it paid off, so much so that she was awarded the Golden Scaler Award in college for demonstrating the most skill in her clinical classes. After so many years of obstacles and hurdles, she has learned that even amidst failures and challenges, to keep going, because in the end, it all counts.

Some advice Maritza would like to share with the youth is not to be afraid of being yourself. It is the best quality anyone can have because only you can be you! She wishes she could tell herself not to be afraid of making mistakes because it molds you into the person you are meant to become. Take risks and challenge yourself – even if it feels scary! What is meant to happen will happen, just try your best. And always be nice to everyone you meet because everyone is fighting their own battles.

Words of Wisdom:

"Nothing worth having comes easy!" - Unknown

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