Founder Charles Agyemang came up with the idea of starting The Influential Team while he was working as a high school guidance counsellor in Toronto. While meeting with his students, he found that they continuously selected the ‘traditional’ career pathways: lawyer, doctor, teacher, mechanic, or his favourite, a professional athlete. If they came to him with a unique career decision, they felt discouraged because of the high-risk perceived in attaining those goals. Charles noticed that many students did not have adequate role models or family members/friends who attended post-secondary school and given some of the financial constraints many students would not even consider continuing their education as an option.

Also, In speaking with university and college representatives and through past experiences working as a transition facilitator for at risk first year university students, Charles witnessed firsthand the high number of university dropouts, resulting from being enrolled in programs they had no interest in a pursuing a career in or were very passionate about. Charles felt that all students should be given equal opportunity to achieve success, and have access to Influencers to ask questions, and prove that the unique careers they previously thought as unattainable could be achieved.

With this was born an idea: The Influential Team. Providing Youth with mentors in unique career pathways to change their mindset of the goals and careers they could achieve and break the cycle of the common narrative.

Ultimately we aim to teach our Youth to become economically self-sustaining contributors to our communities.