Ramon Nagesan

Ramon Nagesan


Originally from Toronto, and currently living and working in Alberta, Ramon always had fascination for extinct animals, which was inspired by the movie Jurassic Park. He knew that he would dedicate his life to becoming a paleontologist. He built his research experience by working with various museums, specifically the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology and Royal Ontario Museum, and this led him to focus on the biomechanics, or the movement, of extinct animals.

Currently Ramon works as a paleontological resource consultant. This allows him to travel around Alberta assessing the environmental impact of development on fossil resources. Some of Ramon’s duties include digitizing fossils into 3D models, allowing him to look at the shapes and sizes and learn about their biomechanics, as well as fossil preparation. This is a process of removing rock and sediment off of fossils so that they can be more closely looked at for research or display purposes. This work can involve long hours looking through a microscope at tiny fossils or it can involve large abrasive tools like hammers, awls, or even jackhammers!

Ramon grew up knowing that becoming a paleontologist was not a normal career path. There were many people who questioned why he chose to pursue this field. One of the biggest struggles he faces is working as one of few minorities in the paleontology field. Today Ramon works to inspire and provide mentorship to Youth who have dreams to pursue a non-traditional career where they feel they may not fit in.

Outside of the lab, Ramon has completed two triathlons, successfully executed a helicopter lift of dinosaur bones from a mountaintop, and climbed 32 mountains (and counting!). He never stops believing in himself and what he can do!

He is a strong believer that if you have a goal or a dream, you can achieve it. It will take hard work, and at times, it will seem like you will never get there. Always remember that even if your dream seems impossible, outlandish, or not normal to others, as long as you believe in yourself, you will succeed.

Words of Wisdom:

Proceed as if success is inevitable. - unknown

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