Reese Evans

Reese Evans

Mentor & Founder of Yes Supply Collective

Growing up in a single parent household, having a distant father, and an abusive upbringing. Reese knows how hard it can be when you feel alone. Growing up she went through eating disorders, extremely negative self-talk and low self esteem.

These things, for such a long time, felt like reasons that she wasn’t good enough. Reasons that she wouldn’t amount to anything. Until she realized that just the opposite was true. These things gave her strength, they made her who she is, and today she is the founder of yes supply collective. They are an online platform that empowers and inspires females to create a life and business they love, and only take yes for an answer to create it! 

The company has had tremendous success to date and has been featured in NYLON magazine, Flare magazine, The Globe and Mail and Elite Daily for supporting ambitious and driven women in creating their own yes. Surrounded by so many talented women that had limited beliefs of what they could accomplish, Reese began to interview some successful female bosses. She discovered the only thing that separated her from those powerful women was that when they got a 'no' they kept going, trying, and pushing until they got a 'yes'. The only difference between the girls who hope for a life and business they love and the girls who actually create it is that they never give up, and they keep trying no matter what. This is where the name 'yes supply' comes from. 


Reese hopes to empower as many women as possible to break the barriers, helping them realize that they can create the life that they want regardless of their current situation. Yes supply helps new business owners improve their online presence and provide one-on-one coaching for those who would like in-depth support on overcoming mindset blocks.


She continues to lead numerous events throughout the city and online to help as many young women as possible. Her story is shared by many and she hopes to be an inspiration for anyone that is also in a rut as she states, “If I can do it, you can do it too. I believe in you.”

Words of Wisdom: 

“Your obstacles and setbacks do not define your future.” - Reese Evans


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