Victoria Hamilton

Victoria Hamilton


Victoria was born in Oshawa and moved to Brampton after her parents split when she was 7. As a teenager, she worked as a lifeguard and was always interested in the First Aid aspect of the job. She loved that every day could bring another opportunity to help someone.

Victoria attended York University for Kinesiology before realizing she wanted to do paramedicine. In her first semester at York, while the school was on strike for 3 months, she realized the Kinesiology program wasn’t for her and, despite the dismay from her parents, she dropped out, (before even writing a midterm!). She took a year off, completed extra high school chemistry credits and applied to different paramedic programs for the following year. She was accepted into Centennial College and was hired by Durham Region Paramedic Service upon graduating from the program.

Victoria was told on her first day in the paramedic program that out of the 100 students accepted into the program, more than 50% of students wouldn’t make it to graduation. That statement had stuck with her throughout the program and she refused to fail. She let that be her motivation to prove others wrong because she knew that she was capable.

Victoria’s role as a medic is to provide pre-hospital care to those in need. This ranges from splinting a fracture, to ventilating an overdose patient, to listening to someone who is mentally and/or emotionally unwell. Sometimes the job requires some investigative work to determine what treatment the patient actually requires. They attend calls for people having the worst day of their life, so being there to listen is a large part of the job.

Victoria chose paramedicine because every day is truly different and she never knows what situation she will be walking into - from helping an elderly lady off of the floor, to a car accident on the 401, to performing CPR, every day is a new challenge and no two patients are ever the same. It is an exciting and rewarding career and she is fortunate to meet people from all walks of life!

The advice Victoria shares with the Youth is to find your passion and turn it into a career. Find a profession that you are proud of and do what works for you. University may or may not be the path and that’s okay. Find a career for YOU that is second to none and follow your dreams.

Words of Wisdom:

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” - Tim Notke

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