Warren Ward

Warren Ward

Warren was born in London, Ontario where he lived with his family until he was 13 years old. Later moving to Brampton, which has been home to Warren and his family ever since. He attended St. Marguerite d’Youville high schooI where he fell in love with the game of basketball. He knew that he wanted to be a professional basketball player at a young age and it wasn’t long before he gained the attention of local and American scouts. Understanding the balance between being a student-athlete, Warren then attended the University of Ottawa where he was selected as an OUA All-Star along with numerous awards as well. After graduating Warren moved onto the world of professional sports playing in Spain, Germany and Canada.

Warren continues to use the game of basketball, which he loves, to further advance his life into various activities and business ventures. Today, he is in the process of completing his ACL rehab and keeping up with his physical training on a daily basis. He is currently promoting his first book The Quest of Clyde McCall to share some of the life lessons he has learned through the game like friendship, hard work, and dedication. Staying mentally engaged between business ventures and personal development is part of the daily grind.

Warren has had to deal with many physical injuries as a result of being an athlete and from that spawned mental hurdles. He suffered two torn ACL's and a torn Achilles. These injuries have had a significant effect on his career but they have never stopped him from returning to the sport and competing at a high level. He often thought about quitting especially during the first two injuries but saner heads prevailed.

His advice to Youth is to believe in yourself. Hold true to what you know. Always speak your truths. Everything that happens in your life is happening for you, not to you. Embrace everything that comes your way and be grateful good or bad. Your story will be unlike anyone else's. You are legendary.

Words of Wisdom:

Carpe Diem.