At the influential team, we understand the importance of providing students with positive mentors that they can relate to.

Our mission is to connect LOCAL and GLOBAL influencers with millions of students through our workshops and career presentations. The INFLUENTIAL TEAM is determined to expose your students to the new world of work. Our group of influencers have the ability to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE and MENTOR students throughout their personal journey.


Actively working to reduce the High School and Post-Secondary dropout rate through meaningful mentorship and transition focused activities.

Activate confidence and inspiring wisdom within our students, while establishing positive relationships with successful mentors within the community.

Promote positive character education within our students to ultimately build stronger communities in the GTA and to launch our Youth into economic self-sufficiency.



MOTIVATE - Hosting events where influencers will motivate our students to achieve success. These annual events will also serve as great networking opportunities for the Youth.

MENTOR - The Youth will build positive relationships with our mentors who will be able to answer various questions and address concerns regarding post-secondary and career exploration.

EDUCATE - Highlight successful members of the community and share their success stories with the Youth in hopes to make their own goals feel attainable.
Provide scholarship opportunities to help fund students post-secondary education or entrepreneurship ideas.


We provide the bridge between the world of work and the classroom.

                           — Charles Agyemang, Influential Team President & Founder