Zana Amin

Zana Amin

Zana Amin, also known as Zee, is an entrepreneur from Toronto. He has built several successful businesses ranging from real estate, hospitality, health and wellness and now he is building a company in the self-development space. Zana is the Co-Founder and owner of Continual Growth.

Continual Growth is a lifestyle brand that aims to educate and inspire people to live their best life through better habits. Zee’s role as one of the co-founders is to continue to find ways to help one million people kill every day and own their lives. At Continual Growth, Zee and his team design and develop tools to help people take action to achieve their goals.

If Zee could go back to high school today, he would tell himself that success isn’t a destination, but rather a mindset. He was always ambitious and entrepreneurial but what he lacked in his younger years was perspective and an appreciation for the process.

Zee’s advice for Youth is to set a standard for how you live your life and work your hardest to never deviate from that. Live by the affirmation, “I am not my thoughts, I am what I do”. Mostly because your thoughts are almost always negative and will hold you back.

Most people in your life will project their fears and insecurities on to you thinking they are doing you a favour. What is really happening is they are projecting their limiting beliefs, which causes more people to live life with limiting beliefs. This is the reason why the average person lives such an average life, their mindset, which they picked up from the people of influence in their lives.

Zee believes that life happens for us, not to us. Everything that happened in his life from refugee camps, to government housing, to growing up poor to always feeling like he had to have a chip on his shoulder, helped him to break through the mound that society set for everyone else who went through something similar to him. He is grateful he chose the route he did. So decide your goals with absolute clarity and develop a very clear understanding of why those goals are important to you. Then develop a plan to achieve those goals and work that plan relentlessly.


Words of Wisdom:

"Kill every day. Own your life."